A pixel perfect font for coding

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2013 2015 Alan Mattano

Elysium type ISO Mono Space Professional Font

What does this asset do?

This asset is a “ Font ”. The extension of the font is universal True Type“ .ttf ”. This Pixel Perfect for Coding font is thought to be used in programming. At the moment is semibold and it do not includes Italic. You can install it into your operating system ( for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc...). You can include it as default into MonoDevelop, into your favorite programming text editor, into images and into your game. You Can NOT use it in a web site.

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How to use it.

This is a classic Monospaced ISO pixel perfect font for coding, specific for programming sripts and in a hi definition envirment. Monospaced for displaying moleculs, protein amino acid sequences, tablature music, scripts and text only board games. Its own natural style is an upgrade reinterpretation, inspired by the Elysium film hex font that improves programming qualities. As a fusion in shaps from ISO norm standard MN monospaced font and far as posible evolution from the Australian designer, to conserve and preserve styling history. This HD 2015 font has a new design with improvements from the 2013 and 2014 edition. For Games and Interfaces: If you want high quality and high performances 3D font rendering system for Unity called "signed-distance field rendering", you can use the free“Typogenic” asset.

Pixel Coding branding title image
AlanMattano PixelCoding Elisium Type ISO Mono Space font

You cannot sell this font in a foundry font store or else. You can use the font only for their intended purpose as agreement in the ASSET STORE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENTonly as incorporated and embedded components of electronic games and interactive media or install it into your software or operating system.

Pixel Coding programming font script envirement

Key features

° Different shapes between 1, lower case L, capital i and separator| = " 1lI|"

so number 1, “L” letter , capital “i” and separator “ |”are different and recognizable.

Pixel Coding programming Hex code in a high definition monospaced ISO envirement
2013 2015 Alan Mattano PixelCoding (Elysium type) ISO Mono Space HEX Font.

° It is a much thicker font with elliptical corners and no rounded edges radius type.

Pixel Coding monospaced font pixel perfect for ISO

° It was built thinking to be pixel perfect display used, fitting in few pixels.

Pixel Coding pixel perfect font in action from 4px to 8px

° It can be stretched from very small sizes: 4 pixel perfect up to big high definition anti-aliased, sharp edges with nicer PostScript curves.

Pixel coding hi definition font number 0 is different from letter O made by Alan Mattano

° Digital number 0 is different from letter O.

° It is also narrow and tall, with small space around, so it is condensed in coding conditions similar to a Calibri font.

Pixel codeing Hex code font in full detail zoom

Custom texture bitmap fonts examples:


° It is thought to be used output on-screen with transparent dark background conditions and font in a light white color and small contrast. Normally in this conditions all the traditional fonts look thinner. This font is thicker (heavier by default). So in normal conditions (paper white, black font) it will look a bit bold.

Pixel codeing hex image inspired font from Elysium film
2014 Alan Mattano image composition inspired from Elysium movie using PixelCoding font intended to be used in retina and 4K 8K or more than 300 pixels per inch transparent displays .

° It is a Monospaced font fixed-pitch width and non proportional so it is better for programming and nicer in alignments. ClearType require display hardware with fixed pixels or subpixels. I personally use it with Mono, ConTEXT editor giving me nice results for searching and finding errors.

PixelCoding font in the Unity3d MonoDevelop editor
PixelCoding in action : MonoDevelop Vr4 ScreenShot 2014

At the moment there is no Italic. I don't think I will do the Italic version of it. In most programs the italic is made automatically so it´s not a real issue. If you need Italic or variants of it as for example an ultra light version or adding characters, eventually, I can help making customs versions and it will be charged extra for the work, but is not the primary purpose of this font.

Instructions for setup.

Video Installation for Windows 8 example.

Video Installation for Windows 7 example.

Video Installation for MacOS example.

Video Installation for Linuxexample.

Video Installation for Androidexample.

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